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released June 25, 2012



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DEBT'D Hamilton, Ontario


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Track Name: Show Me Your Money
Show me your money // I'll take it if I can
Show me your money // Don't shake your fist at me man
Show me your money // your fucking filthy rich
These cuffs around my wrists are just a short term fix

You're too proud // You say I'm too loud
I'm not your just a waste of space you fucking talk AND talk

You say that I am just a lost cause? Well I am.

Take that suit off and shoot at me man.

Track Name: Flush
This pain // This shame
Every fucking day it's all the same
Probably always will be
All this pressure // bring it down upon me

Flush it down // Rain it down
It's coming down

Cover my face and my fists
You can't see me // I don't know me

Oh take me out.
Track Name: Rottenmouth
I've had a bad fucking day today
Will your ego ever go away?
You think you're tough? I bet you're not.
You think I care? I hope you rot.

Rotten mouth you're just a rotten mouth
You got a rotten mouth // You're just a rotten mouth
Rotting faster and faster every time you leave your house

I'm a liar and you're a thief // In the city of the cold and week
Well I guess theres not jobs for me // take my life please PLEASE
Track Name: Bad Business
Three hundred and sixty five // days a year
Thats three hundred and sixty five days // that I don't care

Whats the point?
Whats the use?
No love for money // No love for you
No love for presidents // No love for loot
No love for authority // Or anything you do

The shoes on my feet are bad business
My boss won't cut me some slack // I'm bad business
The shirt on my back is bad business

Oh whats the point?
Track Name: Cool
I'm not cool // enough for you
I'm not cool and you're not cool
I'm not sure what to do
How do you choose what is cool?

Whats your deal man? You're not cool man


Am I cool yet? I guess I'm not.

I'm not cool AND you're not cool.
Track Name: Victim
I am good for nothing
No victims because it's meant to be this way
Mandatory pain // every single day
It's an obligation to smile and look the other way
Am I a victim? No because it's meant to be this way

There is no solution // No reparations only pain
It's in the constitution
As long as pride is still alive I think I'd rather die.

Don't care how much you pray
Don't care how well you behave
It's meant to be this way
I'm glad that it's this way

Track Name: Don't Wait For Me
Don't wait for me // Cause I'm not
Coming back // To this place
Sick of myself // so I've got
Nothing to pack // But this hate

Having nothing to do but sit around and think
The constant pressure always gets to me
And in my head I'm slowly rotting away

This youth revolt is quickly catching up
A paradox of pointless shit // An endless fucking rut
The life of the party will soon to dust
I'm leaving forever // Don't give a fuck about your love
Track Name: Out Of Luck
Nothing comes easy but you try to pressure me
Whats wrong with me?
What are you trying to sell me?
You might as well give up on me
Nothing comes easily no nothing comes easily

What the fuck do you want from me?
I'm nothing special // you're nothing special
SO I'm out of luck.

Throw away your cause and please just kill me
Give up on your faith and please just kill me